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Can you take me deeper? I want to be mindless for The Trickmaster!




                        MASTERS & SLAVES -  HAIL THE STATE

submission from floetenspieler

My Lord,

after watching the spiral and stroking my every free minute, my mind is full of thoughts of submission and desire to serve You, My Lord. It feels so good to stroke for You and to be a big bulging obedient boy.

Hail the state, Hail My Lord

My Lord,

i’m horny all the days. Watching Your spiral, stroking my cock, playing with my nipples and following Your Mantra “Cum = Obedience, Obedience = Pleasure, pleasure to obey the Trickmaster” overwhelms me and lets me be addicted for more.

Hail the state, Hail the state, Hail the state

Your files

Dear Master,

i’m glad to hear Your files often a day. i feel fine after, but i can’t remember, what i have heard. i’m to relaxed and Your voice is to soothing. And to see the young man’s blue eyes makes me tired and sleepy and i wake up often later. i love Your blog Trickmaster. Thank You for it

Jeschke - Drawn In - Vore POV Audio
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0:00 - It’s another hot, sticky day in the jungle, same as any other day in there, it seems. You’ve taken refuge under a tree, just to try and catch your breath a little bit.

0:10 - A low hiss catches at the edge of your hearing, before an amused voice reaches you. From a small distance away, you can see a rather large snake approaching, gazing over your body, smacking its lips…..does it realize that you can hear it? Regardless, you’re speechless, just watching for the next move it makes. You’re sure you can handle yourself if it makes good on its words.

0:24 - While you were staring at its head, you failed to notice the end of its tail curling around your leg. That’s an easy enough coil to take off…and the one he gets around your arm, too. After offering his ‘assistance’, though, you can feel the heavy weight of his coils sink in around your chest, a weighty lasso he’d thrown over top.

0:36 - While struggling against the squeezing coils that press in against your body, more and more slip over top of you. You look up, thinking he’s going to strike, and catch his eyes, which are now shimmering in a flowing pattern of yellows and greens and blues… You suddenly find yourself growing tired, complacent to his words, staring deeper and deeper as your feelings fade away, your sense of the outside world, your feelings of danger, the need to escape.. All of those seem unnecessary now, you were happy to relax in the serpent’s grip, grinning like a dope all the while. His snakey speech flows effortlessly into your ears, causing you to grin and nod, while his coils hug your body, pulling it away from the jungle floor.. Now seated on a tree branch, away from where anyone could disturb the two of you, you’re nearly asleep in his coils, the serpent’s eyes dominating your view, his head right in front of yours, tongue flicking out to tap your nose.. You feel nothing but calm, even though you should be struggling and violently fighting your way free..

1:32 - The murky haze of the world fades away into black, a warm, welcoming, fleshy black, that ripples over top of your head in squishy waves. Massaging muscles ease you down as your body is slowly kneaded deeper, shoulders and chest, belly, hips, all sliding in.. You even wriggle your way in deeper once the snake releases your legs, anxious to curl up inside and rest.. You were so tired, so happy, and the snake’s stomach would be a perfect sleeping bag for you. Once you feel his jaws sliding around your feet, and the fleshy walls hug all around your body, you’re pressing your way in deeper with each swallow, wriggling with the downward-kneading motions of his throat to tuck yourself in deeper and deeper.. Only when the throat stops and the stomach begins do you relax, suspended somewhere in a hanging section of the snake’s coils.

2:10 - Eventually, though, the snake’s powerful hypnotic stare starts to fade.. You slowly become aware of the tightness of the walls around you, the moistness in the air, the slick slime that’s coating your body.. How’d you even get yourself in here? The last while is all but a fuzzy part of your memory now, leaving you in the present. All you could really remember was the snake, and his eyes….and given your current squishy surroundings, you can venture a guess as to where you went. You try to feel around the belly, pushing out of the walls, trying to wriggle backwards, or even forwards…but kept in the crook of the coils like this, hanging off the side of the branch, each section of coils leads up and around, and one slimed-up body plus gravity equals you not going anywhere. You can hear the muffled snickers reverberating down the body around you, almost tempting you to relax again.. seems the snake’s power wasn’t necessarily in his eyes, but his voice as well.

2:51 - The snake begins to softly sing to himself, a tempting melody that drifts into your ears from all around.. Even though you hardly wanted to give in a second time, weakly struggling against the snake’s stomach walls, you could feel your body slowly beginning to relax again. The dull burbling of his belly don’t seem to panic you as much as they should, or the soft clenching of the walls around you, it just feels like perhaps, you should sleep this off.. Maybe you’ll wake up safe again, maybe you’ll just wake up in the belly again, maybe you’ll never wake up, but it doesn’t matter much to you..
Your senses once again fade as the serpent’s song takes root and whisks you off to a calm, deep sleep.


The hero flew in through the kitchen window, it was the only one that masked his entrance from civilian eye.  His cape dusted the window pane as his feet gently touched the polished lime green floor.  He sauntered to his bedroom, assuming his girlfriend was home, and casually let his cape fall to the floor.  

Then from behind, a pair of hands caressed the hero’s shoulders, and he leaned back to be more accepting of his girlfriend’s embrace.  This was the hero’s welcome he was waiting for, a perfect condo, a hot submissive lady to service him, and a fawning public heralding his ever coming and going.  The fingers played with his chin, playfully scratched his cheek, and tugged at his hair.  He had to focus on powering down so he could feel these fingers, weakening himself to an almost human level to feel these touches.  His mental and physical senses so dampened, he had no idea the hands were not those of his girlfriend, nor were they female.  

The hero barely heard the clock as the collar went around his neck, Why was she putting a collar on him, and then it pinched in the back of his neck, hard!  

Was i just injected with a needle?

Then he felt something leave the tip, where he was pinched, something squirming in the back of his neck, trying to burrow its way inside him.  

Then the euphoria hit, our hero lost feeling in his legs, but didn’t fall.  He only focused on that injection in his neck, something pushing its way into his neck, and then the collar vibrated.  

The hero bent his head down, and with a wet slap, the first step was done.  

Let me carry you, a voice whispered in his ear, and the hero relaxed, falling back into these curious arms.  Cause now he noticed, as they reached under him, they were much more masculine than what he was accustomed to, this wasn’t his girlfriend.  This was a man, and as a hint of alarm ran through him, the voice whispered again..  

Focus on the collar, and relax hero, all is well.  

The collar vibrated against his adams apple, and our hero swallowed hard, letting the numbness entrap him further.  His mind was still clear, even with the slow waves of befuddled arousal, he could still talk, and threaten.  

You villain, you fiend!  When i get out of here……

But you wont get out of here, the villain replied.  The hero was so light in his arms, it was easy for him to position himself in front of his slumping captive, and finally kiss him on the mouth.  

Shocked by his first kiss from a man, a villain, he couldn’t move his body to resist, but what was even worse, he fought hard with his lips to keep the villain on  him, kissing him more, harder.  

As the villain kissed his prey into submission, the collar injected our hero again, but this time, the hero never felt.  Only a second surge of arousal as he focused on his villain’s lips.  

The villain broke the embrace, and with superior strength of his own, lifted the hero, and carried him to the bed.  

He dropped the hero with disdain, smiling down at him, knowing he was in complete control now, but he would enjoy watching the hero resist as the collar, and his tenderness, cemented his control. 

The hero’s head bounced off the pillow, and for a brief spell, he was able to focus past the arousal.  Slowly, his hands reached for the collar, and valiantly, he tried to rip it off.  He was almost moving in slow motion, taking a half minute just to get both hands on the collar, but still no good, he was weak, and it held.  

Even if you willed yourself to full strength, the collar would block it.  It has severed the link between your will and abilities.  You can focus all you want, but your powers are mine to control.  Soon, i will have complete control, just lay back, and let the collar process you.  

But heroes never give up, and this one continued pulling at the collar, slowly kicking and flailing in his bed.  The villain watched, and laughed, letting his eyes wander down to the hero’s crotch as it hardened and tented in his briefs.  

Never, you’ll never win.  If you think i will turn to crime, or steal for you, you underestimate my resolve.  A sharp jab from the collar injected him again, and this time, the hero lost it, convulsing on his bed, the processing ravaging his body.  

Crime, money?  You think i want these things from you?  No hero, all i want is for you to get on your knees, crawl over here, and kiss me.  

Yes Master, the hero replied.  The he gritted his teeth, shocked and ashamed at what he just said, but as he was internally admonishing himself for this brief submissiveness, he began crawling towards the villain on his hands and knees.  

The hero’s anger fading away with each step, and foot closer he came to Master Villain, even in his mind, the terms, definitions, morals and urging were changing, being rewritten and reprogrammed as his cock dripped from his briefs to the bed.  

The hero stood up straight on his knees, and looked into the villain’s eyes.  For a moment, they changed, the color of the villain’s eyes changing so rapidly, he could only watch, trying to recall each color as he became lost in the count, more confused.  

The villain caught him by the back of the neck as the collar injected him for the last time, and as his cock pressed against Master Villain’s he felt the desire to feel his lips once more.  

Please Master, kiss me.

With both hands, the villain ran his fingers through our hero’s lovely black hair, grabbing, holding the sides of his reprogrammed head, and eagerly kissed him.  

The hero needed no further prompting, and was able to lift his arms up to touch his new Master, as he thought how good it was to feel Master’s tenderness.  

This time, when the villain let him go, the hero just stayed there unable to speak, to move, nor to simply fall back and lay down in the bed.  

Master removed the hero’s costume, pulling it apart from the head down, pulling everything down to just a little bit after the hero’s crotch.  

The costume snapped back, pinching him in the cock and balls, and the hero found he liked the tightness pressing against that area.  

Rub yourself on me hero.

Yes Master, he slurred, wrapping both arms around Master Villain, he let his cock rub against his cloths and body.  

When i leave, the collar will turn invisible, it will never be removed.  You work for me now.  Push your cock against me harder, im not fragile hero, unlike you.  

I obey Master.  His cock grinded the villain so hard and fast it was almost like a blur, but he kept at it.  

I will return for you often with assignments, and for this.  You will dump your girlfriend, and get a new costume that will cover your face.  After each successful mission you complete for me, you can get hard and cum in it.  

Now take my cloths off slave, and cum in me.

Yes Master, I obey.  

The former hero ripped his Master’s cloths off, and tenderly entered him, so lubed from his own heroic precum, he enter the villain with ease.  

Good hero, cum in me, and give me your powers.  

Yes Master!  Must cum for Master, must cum in Master!

With the last bit of power, the hero pushed down on the villain’s back as he cum’d hard.  In that moment the collar sealed around his neck, and he fell to his side as his subjugation was complete.  His softening cock leaving Master’s body, and our hero slept as the collar continued to program him into the Master’s service.  

The villain brushed himself off, looked down at his sleeping slave, and then went looking for a change of cloths, debating whether he should stick around for when the hero woke up.  

Zack Randall as superman in “The Pernicious Parasite

The phone rings.

I pick it up. “Hello.”

"Sleep now and submit, boy!"

Without preamble, without warning, without apology, without even saying hello, he gives the magic trigger phrase. I give a small gasp of pleasure as I feel myself drawn down into that special place. My eyes flutter in surprise and sink closed. An intense feeling of relaxation and satisfaction fill my being. When my eyes open again there is a sensual glint to them that wasn’t there before.

"Speak, my Master. Your servant is listening," I answer, as I have been programmed to do, so that he will know I am in deep trance, ready to obey.

"Good boy. I am calling from my cell phone, on my way to your place. I will be there in 15 minutes. You will have my place of honor ready and open the front door of your building to me without hesitation. Do you understand?"

"Yes Master," I reply.

"Good. When you wake hear the click of me hanging up, you will awake, and have no memory of this conversation. You will assume that there was a wrong number and the other person hung up on you. Do you understand?"

"Yes sir," I reply.

There is a sharp click in my ear. I blink. “Hello,” I say pleasantly, “Hello?”

Nothing but dead air. How odd. Oh well, someone must have realized they had the wrong number and hung up. I hate when people do that. How rude!

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This hypnofile will help you understand your position within the hierarchy of The State. After you’ve gone under it will make you either dominant or submissive, depending on the person you cum in contact with. If you consider yourself a top, but encounter a more dominant person, your subconsious will recognize and respond instantly by surrendering to that Master and vice versa.


Felix - Good Boy
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This file will help you beCUM a happy obedient GOOD BOY for Trickmaster and live to serve and protect The State.

It feels so good to be called a good boy, doesn’t it?  Just let yourself relax, don’t force it, but there’s no need to resist it.  It’s just so easy, isn’t it?  Good boy.  

You find yourself relaxing more and more with each stroke, don’t you?  It’s because your’e focusing more and more.  It’s so nice to just focus on my voice.  You like feeling like this, don’t you?  Good boy.  

It seems like such a good idea to just keep listening to me, doesn’t it.  Right now, you probably don’t even realize you’re responding to everything I say, because it just feels so good.  Such a good boy.  It just seems to happen naturally.  You’re just so focused.  It’s so easy to focus on me and relax.  

It must feel so so good to just focus and relax.  It feels nice to be in this state, doesn’t it?  You know already that it’s so so easy to return to this state, because it feels so nice, doesn’t it?  And all it takes is for me to say, “sleep for me,” correct?  Good boy, and then you’ll slip into this deep, wonderful state of trance again, correct?  That’s a good boy.


Unit Jimmy - The Laws Training File
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A loyal Unit of The State created this file and runs it every day while The Spiral CUMpells him to STARE & STROKE.

He asked me to upload it so it might help new males to sucCUMb to Trickmasters control as you recite untill your mind and balls are drained into CUMplete submission.


i feel obliged to serve you my lord in any way possible. I am honored to submit to The Trickmaster and allow him to do what he wants with me